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click I love a good mystery, but the goal of this site is to take the mystery out of whole foods. Hi! I’m Carie Toeller…writer, mostly-devout whole foodie, recipe creator, and evil mastermind behind Food Made Whole.

http://instantsignsco.com/3dlettering/ But what really is a whole food? Some might say it is anything unprocessed, like a tomato in the produce aisle, but unless it’s organic, that tomato is saturated with toxic chemicals. Some might say it’s any product that uses only natural ingredients, but then we run into the complexities of defining the word “natural”. Some might say the food has to be organic to be whole, but does that make an organic toaster pastry a whole food?

I say, let’s make this simple. If it was raised in nature, as nature intended it to be raised, and it’s prepared in a way that makes it easily digested by humans, then it counts as a whole food. That means unmodified produce and grains grown without chemical fertilizers or pesticides. And animals, either wild or allowed to roam in a natural environment, free to search, graze, forage and peck for their food.

buy cialis online new zealand Food sources, both plant and animal, raised the way nature intended take in more nutrients and less toxins, thereby imparting more nutrients and less toxins to those of us who gratefully eat them.

Why should we care? Because we literally are what we eat. The amount and quality of nutrients we take in determines our health. And no amount of genetics, exercise, portion control, supplements or meditation can make up for a compromised diet. From frequent colds and flus, to mental disorders, to allergies, to obesity, to week muscles and bones, to autoimmune and degenerative diseases, to cancer, with the double whammy of taking in fewer nutrients and more toxins, the Standard American Diet (aka SAD) is destroying our nation’s health.

The good news is that choosing pure, whole foods and learning to prepare them properly is simple when you get the hang of it. And that choice may just save the quality of your life.

So, go ahead and browse the site. I hope you enjoy the recipes, resources, tips and information as much as I enjoy presenting them to you.

Cheers to your health!