Resources Whole Terms

  • Glossary – Ever wonder about a term used on a menu, or in a blog, or on a food label? Click on the glossary to learn more about whole foods than you ever wanted to know 😉

follow site Whole Local

  • Eat Wild – Getting Wild Nutrition From Modern Foods
    • Learn about maximizing nutrients through buying wild, natural, pure foods
    • Search for local farms – meats, produce, eggs and dairy
    • Shop the Eat Wild store
  • Local Harvest – Real Food, Real Farmers, Real Community
    • Search for local CSA’s (Community Supported Agriculture)
    • Find local farmer’s markets
    • Shop the Local Harvest store
  • Grass Fed Meats
    • Trader Joes – great prices on organic and natural grass fed beef, and organic pasture raised chicken
    • Slanker Grass-Fed Meats – Best overall prices for on line ordering of a variety of grass fed meats
    • US Wellness Meats – Large variety of organic and grass fed meats including wild game. Free shipping to most states
    • American Farmers Network – Pasture raised beef, chicken, pork and turkey. A little pricey but worth checking out the daily specials for great deals
  • Local Farmer’s Market

follow Whole Brands (in your local market)

  • Organic Valley – Organic, pasture raised milk, cream, eggs, along with cultured sour cream, cheeses and butter
  • Kerrygold – Natural, grass fed, cultured cheeses and butter
  • Tillamook Dairy Co-Op – Natural, grass fed cheeses, ice cream, yogurt, sour cream and butter
  • Eden Foods – Beans, pasta, condiments and other pantry items
  • Vital Farms – Natural pasture raised eggs and butter

Whole Foods Delivery

  • Full Circle – Organic whole foods delivered weekly to your doorstep (West Coast Only)
  • Farm Fresh To You – Organic whole foods delivered weekly to your doorstep (West Coast Only)
  • Door to Door Organics – Organic whole foods delivered weekly to your doorstep (Midwest & Northeast Only)
  • Fresh Picks – Organic whole foods delivered weekly to your doorstep (Midwest Only)
  • Green PolkaDot Box – Natural and organic pantry items shipped nationwide